Friday, 15 January 2016

Magazine Genre and Language Register

Based on my research I have decided that I will create a Hip-Hop magazine. I have decided on this genre as it consists of the music that I have and interest and knowledge in that area. I believe that because of my knowledge I will be able to deliver and professional looking magazine.  It also helps that I have been influenced by magazines such as Complex, Billboard, XXL and Fader. These magazines have covered a of number of Hip-Hop artists in which I can take inspiration from.

For a hip hop magazine, the language register that I choose will involve Standard English for the most part however, slang and jargon will most likely be used in some areas.  However, the amount is dependent on the type of artist that will be used.  After researching a number of various magazines I have decided that I want to incorporate an interview in my article. I have chosen to use an interview as a way to get a closer understanding of the artist from their point of view and gain their opinions on certain matters.

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