Friday, 15 January 2016

Photographers/Designers : Brent Rollins

When I was looking at examples of magazine covers I fell in love with the design of Complex magazine. The simplicity of their covers prove that 'less is more'. Therefore when it came to researching photographers/designer I leaped at the opportunity to learn more about Complex's photographers/designers.
Brent Rollins is the Creative Director at Complex Magazine and is known for his talent in Graphic Design. As well as working on magazine covers, Rollins has had the opportunity to create promotional posters, Album Artwork, Logos (Such as Critically Acclaimed movie - Boyz in The Hood, Billboards, Advertisements and more. After looking at much of his work it is clear that they are all either include bright and vivid colour or had an attractive colour contrast such as (black and white)

Here are some examples of Brent Rollins' work: 

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