Friday, 15 January 2016

Audience Profile

The audience profile that I will aim my magazine at will be a audience of primarily 16-30 year old males. The music that my audience will primarily listen to is Hip-Hop/Rap music and listen to many artist that are considered 'mainstream'. My audience will have a interest in sub-genres of Hip-Hop such as Jazz-Rap, Hip-Hop Soul as well as the traditional Hip-Hop genre that is well known for its poetic lyricism. Some artists that they listen to include:
Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Eminem, Chance, The Rapper, Tyler, The Creator, Anderson.Paak, Kanye West and more.  

The clothing that my audience would wear involves:
  • Fitted clothing that is not baggy
  • Branded products (Nike, New Era, Adidas, etc.) - although this may not be needed depending on the shots taken for the magazine.
  • Fit jeans of light blue or black. these type of trousers.
  • simplistic clothing with not too much going on
  • fitted T-Shirts, hoodies, jumper

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