Tuesday, 5 April 2016


What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
The publishing process involves the distribution of media products, including magazines. there are a number of various publishing companies that help publish a number of music magazines like the one I am creating including IPC Media, Time Inc. and Bauer Media Group. Bauer Media Group is a media company based in Hamburg, Germany that manage over 600 different magazines worldwide.  Bauer Media group publish some of the most well known music magazines such as Q Magazine and Kerrang! which have had large amounts of success. With the experience that Bauer have, they would be a company that would be able to help Renegade magazine reach it's full potential. 

Costs for the production of Renegade magazine would be earned through advertisements scattered throughout the magazine internally. Both Q and Keerang! have this similar strategy. In addition,Renegade magazine is a high quality magazine with a premium price of $10.99/ £6.99. With this price,a percentage would be used as a way to pay for distribution and publishing costs. Bauer would use paid circulation business model to distribute Renegade Magazine's seasonal issue. This will insure that the magazine is sold to readers for a specific price that has be stated through subscriptions. Readers can also visit newsstands and other outlets that sell the magazine to buy Renegade through a pay-as-you-go method which allows them to buy when the want to. 

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