Wednesday, 6 April 2016


After completing my research my magazine was targeted at a age range of 16- 30 year olds, predominantly of the male gender that were heavily interested in the Hip-Hop genre. I chose this specific genre as a reflection of my interests in music and how with being so interested in the Hip-Hop genre, this would allow me to make the most effective magazine. The age of my audience was fairly easy to meet as I, the majority of people that I know and the majority of artists fit into he 16-30 year old bracket, therefore I have a strong understanding on they content that should be in this magazine and the themes that are brought up in them. Additional research involved finding my target audience through the UK Tribes website. After look through number of the various tribes I found that the tribes that suit the Hip-Hop genre included the Urban Tribe as well as sub genres like the Hypebeasts and Stylers. The Urban genre in particular have a clear interest for Hip-Hop music and therefore was a clear choice for my target audience. 

My artist. Joel Roberts is a young Hip-Hop star that has be brought to fame after releasing a mix-tape online. This theme was brought up to connect with the younger audience of similar age. In terms of style, my artist compares similarly to the Artist Kendrick Lamar. My artist simply rocks a  Ralph Lauren white polo and sweatshirt with a jacket, which is a representation to their simplistic style of fashion. This style of clothing has become more mainstream within society along with many social groups. Therefore the Mise-en-Scene of my magazine supports the Stylers social group from UK Tribes, which love to wear luxury and stylish clothing that is in current trends. The style of clothing that these two rappers are showing are providing an indication to the change in clothing that many Hip-Hop stars are making, which is simplistic and comfortable. the style is becoming far more main-stream in society, where as in the past large amounts of rappers would show off their fame with baggy designer clothes and gold chains. Although this is still shown by rappers, it has become less and less noticeable.  My artist, although young, has a wise maturity about him as shown through my article. This goes with the target audience that like Joel Roberts, is maturing and becoming more aware about himself and life. The transition between teenager and young adult is being shown, just like the age range of the 16-30 year old audience.  

Additionally to Joel Roberts, the other artist in my magazine also has an impact on the target audience of Renegade Magazine. Over time, the genre of Hip-Hop has become far more of a racially neutral genre, with rappers of all skin colours rising to fame with the likes of Eminem, Logic and Mac Miller. Similarly, what started being known as a 'black' genre has become fairly mixed with people of all skin colours, religions and races being fans of the music genre. The second artist in my magazine, J.Miller, is a white rapper that was chosen to feature on my magazine, showing the diversity of both fans and artists in the game.  He is featured on my contents page twice as the main image as well as for album artwork for his own album.

From my magazine, the mise en scene of the artist, genre of music and themes that are brought up are used to represent particular social groups such as Hypebeasts and Urban Artists which have a strong interest in the themes brought up in Hip-Hop music. 

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